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The title of this article is a little ambiguous, but I’ll use it anyway: I’m going to show you the real meaning of “Jesus”. In fact, there is only one person who we can absolutely trust with all of our secrets and who will never lead us into wrong behavior, into immorality, into murder, into adultery, into gross misbehavior or into any of those things which are written in the final books of the Bible. That person is Jesus. Jesus is God’s Son, born of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is not just Jesus’ last name, but represents Him as the actual fulfillment of all that the Old Testament promised His followers.

We are saved by grace through Jesus Christ. We are saved by faith through Jesus Christ. We are saved by the sacrificial death on the cross. We are saved by grace through the perfect saving work of Jesus. Jesus is the perfect Son of God, the only Son of God, and therefore — in whom we can trust to lead us safely home.

What is the plan of redemption? What will we be seeing at the end of days? What is our position in all of this? We are saved by Christ. But what is our relationship to Jesus and how do we know that he is the true savior of our souls?

In order to answer these questions we must look closely at the various gospels and writings of the gospels. First, let’s examine the virgin birth story in the first chapter of the book of Luke. Mary, a young woman, is told by an angel that she will bear a son named Jesus. She buries her infant son and then leaves for another city to raise him. Two years later, while she is tending her husband’s sick child, she sees her beloved son.

The key to understanding the meaning of this passage is to understand that both her and Jesus are the same person — just different beings. As we have seen, both Jesus and Mary were pregnant with their first child, yet they are two completely different persons. There is no reference in the Gospels or writings to a name change or to a pregnancy Miracle. Without a date, some scholars believe that the account of Jesus’ birth may have been inserted into the book of Matthew to make the event more believable to a modern audience.

Next, let’s look at the events immediately following the death of Jesus. Two weeks later on the first day of the third day of Jesus’ resurrection, his body was raised from the grave. Immediately after this, his disciples gathered around him and announced that they knew his resurrection. Some doubted the account, but most accepted it as true based on the account of the twelve stones that were rolled over him after his resurrection.

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